Guided Meditations

Transforming Yourself Transforms the World Around You

I've used a meditation practice off and on over the last seven years, but with the anxieties that came during 2020, I decided it was time to step up the practice. Initially I was just hoping for some calm amidst the stress and fears of the uncertainty of the times, but what I've found is a more aware and present perspective on this dance we call life. 

While I'm certainly aware of the benefits already, it's also left me seeking answers to more questions around the concepts of intention, fulfillment and purpose. Deepak Chopra said, “Social transformation comes from personal transformation,” and what I'm realizing is that this is also true for our perspectives and the choices we make. As we turn inward and quiet down the mind, we're more equipped to experience our own transformation and to share this with the world around us.


Taking a note from Roger Gabriel, "When you meditate in a group, you share in each other’s coherence. Collective coherence created by a group is greater than the sum of the quantity of coherence being created by each individual meditator. This collective coherence then radiates out for the betterment of society."

This is why I'd love for you to join my weekly guided group meditations. Let's help each other better connect with the BE in Being. Sign up today to receive more info and zoom details to join in!

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Monday Morning Group Meditations