Introducing the Dharma Digs Podcast

if you find yourself here and don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you must be curious what this new project is all about.

I recently dropped a new podcast that I've been working on for some time now. Concept(s) had been swirling around for the last couple years of course, but only with the complete shift that has become 2020 have I been able to pull it all together...and with that I introduce to you, the Dharma Digs Podcast.

Now, you may be asking yourself....what does he mean with this whole use of "dharma?" In very simple and brief terms, for me, the term dharma translates into life's purpose.

So that's what this concept is seeking. Dharma Digs is a podcast in pursuit of purposeful living through conversations between folks who work in and around the creative art industries.

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While most episodes will be interview based, I'll occasionally drop a few solo digs in effort to share some of the nuggets of value I find in my own research into personal and spiritual growth along the journey for more purposeful living.

We'll explore creative processes, art, language, business and life, along with other topics that (hopefully) encourage critical and contemplative thinking.

I've released two episodes thus far, and have received some great feedback (thank you 🙌 to everyone that's shared, reached out and listened thus far), but would welcome other ideas, suggestions etc.

Links below if you'd care to listen / watch, and please feel free to follow / subscribe even if you don't plan to listen - it'll help me out lol. New episodes every Friday!

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love & light,

t. dubya

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