Life Possibilities - Connecting With Something Greater Than Yourself

Everybody wants a song to sing. A song that relates to who they are as a person or what they may be experiencing in certain times, a song that helps get them through challenging days. Isn't it strange how some days we wake up with random songs in our heads? What does that mean? Why do we relate so much to music and lyrics? What role does music play in connecting us with something greater than ourselves?

These turbulent times of uncertainty have afforded me, and I hope many of you, an opportunity to slow down and to dive a bit deeper into spiritual and personal growth. To consider our own thoughts, reactions and impact our decisions make on the greater good of humanity as a whole. To contemplate how we spend the limited days we have in this realm of life, and perhaps consider a greater shift of responsibility in the "work" we choose.

For me, I've found myself reevaluating what role music and art have played in my life to this point, and am considering how they may play a role moving forward. I don't really have the words to articulate, at the moment, why I was drawn to a career in the music & event industries to begin with. I suppose you could say it was a part of my calling, that I was destined to do this work, and I have approached it with passion and joy because it really is work that I love. But, I do believe that with the change of seasons can come a change of meanings and perspective. While yes, seasons may be quarterly in the sense of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, I believe we are in midst of a greater seasonal shift as humanity.

With a personal shift from such a fast paced, go-go-go lifestyle, to not leaving my house for days on end, I've spent more time meditating (consistently) than any other period in my life. Searching for meaning and purpose in how I'm spending my days has become much more of a priority now that I've been forced to slow down. The change of pace has allowed me to explore feelings of purpose, possibilities and the desire to connect with something greater than myself.

I'm not sure where all of this may lead, as who knows what's to come of the event world as we've known it up to this point and how event professionals will make a living moving forward? What I do know is that living in this moment with awareness, love, compassion and empathy for all sentient beings is drawing me deeper and deeper into my own practice. Practice of meditating, practice of showing compassion, practice of understanding even when I may not want to. They say that only time will tell, but I ask, what really is time if not for the now? A fleeting moment is just that, no more. That's why I say this moment's not for sale, and we must embrace it with awareness.

p.s. the lyrical phrases in the above graphic are an excerpt from a recent song I wrote, to be released at a later date!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read, I'd love your thoughts, feedback and suggestions on other topics to contemplate!

~ T. Dubya

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